Clients! Why We Love and Hate Them!

Many designers have the vision of running their own design firm or a freelance business some day. After all, isn’t is inspiring if you work for your passion, and you actually own it! However, it is always difficult to balance the creativity ideals versus the profitability scale when you, a designer, becomes your own boss! […]

Can We Learn Creativity?

What is “creativity”? It is the ability to think out of the box, to break old patterns and generate new ideas, to turn imaginative new concepts to reality. In recent years, the “creativity” phenomenon is sweeping the globe, awakening millions of people. Schools in Singapore, which are well-known for their highly rated educational system, are […]

Why Do We Love Design? Do You?

A common question you keep getting from your friends, family and colleagues. And mostly asked during interviews when you are seeking a job related to design – “Why do you love design?”. For most, it is auto-pilot, you already know what to say. The answers are point-blank straightforward. No deep thoughts. A no-brainer. But as […]

Hang Out With Us and Happy Picking!

Guess many of you are curious, and “you” refers to our followers on our Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, wondering who we are and what we do, because we do not have a website yet. We are not trying to be mysterious. Okay, you see this screen when you go to Do not fret, it […]