Creative Pick: Kaitlyn “Shea” O’Connor

Candylicious, whimsical and colorful. What exactly is the creative inspiration behind this unique character rendition? Let’s hear it from our Creative Pick of the day,  Kaitlyn “Shea” O’Connor. “This series sprung from my deep love of history and costume design. It’s been a giddy excuse to research fantastic people — specifically famous rulers — and […]

Creative Pick: Javier Molina

Surreal, mysterious, intricate and fascinating, we are enthralled! Our Creative Pick of the day, Javier Molina, a well established photographer from London, displays his rich imagination through his captivating and exhilarating works.  These images are from one of his “Imaginations” series, a combination of digital art and photography. “With the relentless march of technology everyone […]

20 Favorite Infographics for Photographers

In our previous post, we shared our favorite infographics for graphic designers. Why, the impact and popularity of visual telling or infographics is enormous in today’s context. This time round, we would like to shine the spotlight on the photographers.  We have collected a series of interesting infographics on photography, for amateur photographers, professionals and […]

Inspiration Pick #1

This is a weekly inspiration pick, to show our appreciation to these talented creatives from all parts of the world, for submitting inspiring creations, which were selected by the Pickmytemplates design panel.  We pick talented creatives such as artists, designers, illustrators, photographers and creative studios to feature their unique creations on our blog @ […]

Show Your Best Works to the World!

For the past week, it has been awe inspiring! We picked and featured 7 creatives in our blog. We are honored to share their best and creative works with everyone. Super thanks to Lilian Iatco,, Diego Jimenez, BoomArtwork, Kochurov Evgeniy, Alain L’thi and Yves Roussel. Hey, what about you? Do you want to show […]

Creative Pick: Yves Roussel

Yves Roussel of Yerres in France, is a photographer who takes breathtaking  scenic landscape pictures.  It takes great photographic skill to capture gorgeous nature theme images. Photographers have to consider various factors such us the lighting, subject composition, shutter speed and choice of lens. Let us check out our Creative Pick, Yves Roussel’s collections here. […]

Creative Pick: Alain l’thi

Look nowhere, Motif design does not look any better than these! Check out these Motifs for screen printing on pullovers, by our Creative Pick of the Day, Alain l’thi.We simply loved the works. Want to know more about Alain l’thi? Website @ Behance @ Dribble @

Creative Pick: BoomArtwork

Based in Netherlands, the works by our Creative Pick of the day, Eric Van Den Boom (who works under the name of BoomArtwork) has been described by many as strong and detailed, vintage with a contemporary touch, authentic and elegant with an edge. Let’s take a look at one of his works for Dr. No […]

Creative Pick: Diego Jimenez

Have you ever tried drawing with ink? Our Creative Pick, Diego Jimenez, shows us some stunning examples of ink drawings. Be intrigued! MODIFIED CROWN – VISUAL IDENTITY Modified Coronas is a garage where motorcycles are modified and restored. Diego designed their identity and communication. SUZUKI GN250 – FUEL TANK ILLUSTRATION Illustration made for the gas […]