pick what you love

At pickmytemplates, we call our Buyers ‘Pickers’, we curate top notch creatives to showcase their original Product Items and sell on our marketplace. By ensuring quality standards in their Product Items, you are guaranteed top quality original Product Items delivered to you instantly. As Pickers, you will have a wide variety of unique and artistic choices to pick from as our creative community continues to grow.

originality and plagiarism

A designer takes pride in his work. A great idea or design is defined by its originality and authenticity. For the sake of our creative community and Pickers, pickmytemplates strongly says NO to plagiarism. Work hand in hand with us and support creative art with heart. For any suspected plagiarized work, kindly report the Seller to us.

picking product

It is easy to fall in love with so many fine Product Items on our marketplace. Slowly take your pick and there is no need to rush. You can add them in the wishlist first. Do feel free to ask Seller questions before you click the BUY button. They are always there to help. Remember to keep this in mind when you are picking Product Items on our Website. You may want to know more on how it works here.

communication and responsiveness

Yes, you picked your favorite Product Item. But you discovered issues with the Product Item. We are humans and human errors do happen. Do not worry as our Sellers are always ready to assist.

  • send your queries clearly to your Seller and wait for the response
  • stay in touch and respond to any clarifications from Sellers timely
  • respect your Seller who is taking time to help as much as they can
  • be polite to your Seller, they want you to buy from them again and they are doing the best to assist

respect and care

pickmytemplates cares for our community. Mutual respect among the Sellers, Buyers and our pickmytemplates team will help grow and nurture our community into a better place to pick what you love and create art with heart. Code of conduct is important, we prohibit bad behavior with negative exchanges, postings and publishing such as disparaging comments, threats, harassment and interference towards other Sellers or Buyers.

product item license

All Product Items are covered by the Standard End User License and Buyers can purchase for personal and/or commercial uses and the end product is not for sale. Buyers can also choose to buy with the Extended End User License where it is for personal and/or commercial use and they can sell the end product.

how to get a refund from sellers

pickmytemplates only offers refund if the Product Item you purchased is not working as per the Seller description, specification or the file is corrupted. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to make sure they have the system, configuration and software set up done correctly. No refund is offered if Buyer has a change of mind due to sudden realization that the Product Item is incompatible to the software or hardware that they are using. Always be sure that what you pick is what you love and once it is downloaded, you take charge and responsibility for making the decision to purchase and for the Product Item you purchased. See checklist below:

  • what you pick is what you love, if you have doubts about the Product Item, do ask our Sellers and clarify before you buy
  • double check and triple check that you have followed the setup instructions carefully
  • read through the Seller specifications again to see if you have missed out or misinterpreted any information
  • contact our Seller to request for support, and work hand in hand to resolve any issues