NEON Electronic Music Festival

Conspicuous and strikingly vivid, the poster design by PeCa Creative Factory is hard to miss. As good as its titular name goes, it is as NEON as it can be! The crissed crossed neon effects are starkly juxtaposed with the stout black color and seals the deal for us. These neon effects are both retrograde and positive rhythmic beats. We Love, love, love the poster design!

“We are two mates graduated full marks with honors at the ILAS Designer School in Naples, Italy. Art & beauty lover. Devoted to design and typography.” PeCa Creative Factory

Do not miss this: One of their wonderful branding project which was previously featured on our blog – Wiredmark.

“The apparent confusion of the illustration in the background is in stark contrast with the solid typeface in the foreground. As in electronic music, everything is tempered by a clever sequence of order and disorder.” PeCa Creative Factory

Feel the high energetic vibe and groove with NEON!

PeCa Creative Factory NEON-PARTY PeCa Creative Factory neon2 PeCa Creative Factory neon3

Be inspired by more of Peca Creative Factory’s works at Behance and Facebook.

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